March 23 - April 22, 2020

Dunaway Books is temporarily ON-LINE only.

Order safely from our website, pay on-line and and we will ship via USPS.

We have new inventory of Easton and Franklin Press, Fiction and Crafts that are being processed everyday.  Keep watching for new titles that pop-up on our website daily.

If you live locally in the following counties,

we will ship up to three books for free:

Missouri:  St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County 

        Illinois:  Madison and St. Clair Counties


Most importantly, be well.


Dunaway Books is one of the premier independent bookstores in St. Louis.

An absolutely necessary "on-line" stop for all bibliophiles, located on the South Grand strip. Housed within a spacious former gallery, we carry an unparalleled selection of fine used, out-of-print, and rare volumes. Upon stepping into our store, you'll find aisle after aisle of scrupulously collected books treating a broad variety of subjects.

We keep new small-press titles by local authors at the front of our store. The mezzanine is home to our collection of modern first editions. Shelves of CDs and vinyls are at the foot of the stairs for our music lovers. In the basement you'll find a broad range of non-fiction works, as well as science fiction and mysteries. The piano on our main floor is available for our (skilled) customers to play. There is something here for everyone. Whether you have a few hours or just a few minutes to browse, Dunaway Books is designed to be an intellectually and creatively stimulating place for the scholar, the collector, and the good old-fashioned voracious reader.



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